Tuesday, December 8, 2009

break my heart and give me yours.

its been a while since i'm leaving multiply, my first love dedato, dance with me forever, and my real life. things are too hard for me i dont wanna feel it. well, sort of drama, but its so f-ing true. sad and true. and i try not to exaggerate things, but in the same time i'm trying real hard to be honest. to my self. some people who always got the time is already knows the story behind these all. i guess i dont wanna talk about it anymore.

well, i really misses you guys.

seperti lg sauna, udah engap2 tp gak pernah cukup dan ga pengen keluar.
i should stop this, playing hide and seek with myself, feeling enough and going outside. dance with me


catalyst said...

at least ur trying now, and it really takes courage to walk away from things you love most. i admire you in that way.

IT'S Me N.a.N.a said...

dear, im ur silent reader. Damn mish ur updated!! dear, tc ok!!