Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sweethearts, i wish they didn't see the sadness in my eyes

wake up and living my life again.for today.

wake up so early tidy up my room
☑ wash the dishes, mop the floor, clean the entire house.
☑ collecting the dirty clothes
☑ drop them at the laundry
☑ buying airplane ticket for my cousin's wedding at my hometown
☑ paying all the bills. electricity, debt, etc
☑ dropping the car at car saloon
☑ BIG FAT body treatment package at saloon. creambath, body scrub & spa, manicure & pedicure. feels like re-born :)
☑ groceries shopping
all DONE :)

☑ late lunch & talk with nareswari. having ice cream 4 days in a row. i have to stop!
late dinner with unejune and meeting the only Nasution brother.
☑ someone read me tarot cards. speechless.
☑ and my bestfriend chacha & khemod engaged today!!! Congratulations baby ♥ love you both

and a quote that choked me today: "A dream we dream together is reality."John Lennon.
sadly and unfortunately its not for me. maybe i'm just a fool i thought we was planning and dreaming together, apparently i was planning my whole life to someone that doesn't count me in on his life.


GRICIA said...

be strong although it will took time ^__^

novie elisa said...

helo. sedih sekali baca blogmu. tapi juga bagus sekali seleramu, hehe.. cheer up ya :)

Dania said...

wow..what a great activity u have for the day and the food looks good though..
anyway, be strong n cheer urself up n chill aite. ;)

JanuskieZ said...

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be strong, Bini...
you'll get through this!!
Himneyo, chingu!! :D

Alita Claudia said...

cheer up dear :D i know you can do that!!

Eva Silviana said...

I love your outfit! Cheer up okay, be strong ;))

Fitri said...

Nice blog <3

michelle_ said...

love your skirt !
food pics make me hungry :D
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