Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sweethearts, i wish they didn't see the sadness in my eyes

wake up and living my life again.for today.

wake up so early tidy up my room
☑ wash the dishes, mop the floor, clean the entire house.
☑ collecting the dirty clothes
☑ drop them at the laundry
☑ buying airplane ticket for my cousin's wedding at my hometown
☑ paying all the bills. electricity, debt, etc
☑ dropping the car at car saloon
☑ BIG FAT body treatment package at saloon. creambath, body scrub & spa, manicure & pedicure. feels like re-born :)
☑ groceries shopping
all DONE :)

☑ late lunch & talk with nareswari. having ice cream 4 days in a row. i have to stop!
late dinner with unejune and meeting the only Nasution brother.
☑ someone read me tarot cards. speechless.
☑ and my bestfriend chacha & khemod engaged today!!! Congratulations baby ♥ love you both

and a quote that choked me today: "A dream we dream together is reality."John Lennon.
sadly and unfortunately its not for me. maybe i'm just a fool i thought we was planning and dreaming together, apparently i was planning my whole life to someone that doesn't count me in on his life.

hide me. anywhere.

nesting here and there. lock myself at home, even worst, at my bedroom. i dont want to be found. the only good thing is to see my brother finally got somebody to share with and forgetting his too sexy & pretty ex. so i call him, my good friend, to accompany me to the movie to watch the barsterds, while he's still spending the saturday night at his girlfriend's house..hahah..i hope the girlfriend wouldn't mind :)

thank you

we just love the same girl too much. sweet ♥

there's another earthquake hit jakarta today. its's dedato aerobic day, listening to new order's perfect kiss all over, having sushi dinner with the eldest sister of Nasution :)) @amoristia filled my blank spot that night. talking about the "drugs" that dont work anymore, that nearly killed me, that i nearly overdose, and about the same girl we love too much, and burning the scars and do plastic surgery. talk about thing called life.

then join her fiance at drum and bass gig.

nothing really. i'm just, running again.

Friday, October 16, 2009

happiness is a strong cocktail

and also a big cup of baskin robins ice cream :))

Thursday, October 15, 2009

take a good care to you too & see you again sometime

babysitting aimee while her mom went to singapore. it means, no need of killing so much time or not to let my self too tired
to even think, anymore. yaay! sleepover for 2 days!

i've switch everything off that night. having my 1st 8 hours sleep in the last 2 weeks. mindless sleep, mindless heart, less expectation
& stop beliving
. just please don't say words i don't need to hear, and I'll stop asking you things that I know you
don't want to hear.
should i stop fooling, and start listening? no.not now, please.

steal the moon for me. i'm too afraid of the dark. I'll tell you the whole story. I promise this time.
workin' on another airport project. so excited because first, i got the full control of it :) and, second, its my hometown's airport.

accidentally having matching outfit with cici. and..its approved! OMG. wish me luck. meeting with the girls at blumchen.

don't touch me there. and please don't do it on purpose.
its just not the right time.okay? thank you. or
maybe its enough.