Tuesday, September 15, 2009

when I say jump, you said how high?

One day i woke up and think that maybe I ought to talk to a Long Distance Relationship expert. It's getting harder these days. Sometimes I'm trapped in a great doubt I can cry all day. Or sometimes, I could cry all day, without even know whats wrong with my self. Or maybe I'm just a bad analysis to my self, never thought that I just miss him so much

Or maybe goodbye isn't that easy. I kept thinking about things I don't understand. Or things I think too hard to ask, or to discuss. And its so sad to find how weak and fragile my mind is. I do loose my head, for the sake of my heart. And i always choked. The time is up. I'm just full of anger. and sorrow.

No one will lose anyone. because no one owns anyone.

i know, life is good. but waiting is sucks.


the_kitten said...

i know how much waiting sucks, but theres something, and thats what ur waiting for. u know u want it.

ModMonde said...

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