Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I wish I live with my parents so I can spend all of my money more for traveling.

I wish I don’t have to pay the bills of the electricity, the maid, the household equipments, gas, food, security cover, etc etc. i need mooore money!! lol. Totally random.

I spend almost 24 hours of my Sunday watching SKINS. And totally fell in love with Cassie and the-too-bad-he's-gay-cause-he's-super-good-looking Maxxie. Super amazed about how it delivered so intimate, i mean, you can really feel the friendship between them, love, lust, lunacy, poignant, and all.

maybe they would not reflect "everyone's teenage life" but I'm really sure some of us really get a brief and epigrammatic nostalgic about their "teenage/youth" moment and totally admiring the show, and of course particularly enjoyed the fact that it was heartbreaking, ironically beautiful, and sad, and perfectly hurtful.

However, i also get a brief memories about Richard Brownlie Marshall and Sofia Ascoli!! well, i guess its because the british accents and the-swearing-all-the-time thingy..hahaha..oh my dearest two, i missed you too much little-fxxxxrs!!

oh, and if you read this rich rich, please tell sof sof to stop writing about europe on my facebook wall!! x))


sofia said...

mate i thought you already left sorry i saw Jp pcs and i did 1 plus 1 sorry darl missig you too.

hope to see you soon whenever

Luthfiafi said...

Blogwalking.! nice oooone visit me visit me