Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Lebaran Horraayy ♥

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cork and screw

its my heart talking

thank you @tinymarzuki for being santaclaus in the end of ramadhan. irwanteam pass.back to work :)

pepenero with @rorodinda @adityaptedja @dhearahmatriana

I wish I live with my parents so I can spend all of my money more for traveling.

I wish I don’t have to pay the bills of the electricity, the maid, the household equipments, gas, food, security cover, etc etc. i need mooore money!! lol. Totally random.

I spend almost 24 hours of my Sunday watching SKINS. And totally fell in love with Cassie and the-too-bad-he's-gay-cause-he's-super-good-looking Maxxie. Super amazed about how it delivered so intimate, i mean, you can really feel the friendship between them, love, lust, lunacy, poignant, and all.

maybe they would not reflect "everyone's teenage life" but I'm really sure some of us really get a brief and epigrammatic nostalgic about their "teenage/youth" moment and totally admiring the show, and of course particularly enjoyed the fact that it was heartbreaking, ironically beautiful, and sad, and perfectly hurtful.

However, i also get a brief memories about Richard Brownlie Marshall and Sofia Ascoli!! well, i guess its because the british accents and the-swearing-all-the-time thingy..hahaha..oh my dearest two, i missed you too much little-fxxxxrs!!

oh, and if you read this rich rich, please tell sof sof to stop writing about europe on my facebook wall!! x))

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

when I say jump, you said how high?

One day i woke up and think that maybe I ought to talk to a Long Distance Relationship expert. It's getting harder these days. Sometimes I'm trapped in a great doubt I can cry all day. Or sometimes, I could cry all day, without even know whats wrong with my self. Or maybe I'm just a bad analysis to my self, never thought that I just miss him so much

Or maybe goodbye isn't that easy. I kept thinking about things I don't understand. Or things I think too hard to ask, or to discuss. And its so sad to find how weak and fragile my mind is. I do loose my head, for the sake of my heart. And i always choked. The time is up. I'm just full of anger. and sorrow.

No one will lose anyone. because no one owns anyone.

i know, life is good. but waiting is sucks.

feels like crying.all the time.

another buka puasa with the company's partner, the supplier, this time.

oh and Dear Ruddy, happy birthday! i wish you always happy & success.
in mind, in heart, in social life, in career, and in bed. loove you! 1000kisses.

say hello to ♥beautiful baby leisha♥

oh, and my best friend, meilani is giving birth to leisha last sunday!!

Congratulation my @meilanich & @amandokal
SO HAPPY for u guys!!OMG, I'm an auntie again to a very beautiful baby girl ♥♥♥

shooo shooooo go away bad feelings..

Icon_lockRT @moodspiral: bukpusber at cazasuki with @duaanam @sugarscars @kitssy @binifitriani @chikalicia dll yg gak pny twitter.

don't say words you didn't mean to say..

a 10 hours trip jakarta-bandung-jakarta with adit.

will you still love me tomorrow?

buka puasa with the company's partner, the contractor.
with unidentified pork bakpao. SO great!! -.-

and a meeting with girlfriends late at night. hope to comfort julesy's broken heart.
you can get through this all dear, i'm really sure!

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