Monday, August 3, 2009

top it, lock it, polka dot it

finally the bf back from work at 10. then he took me out for supper. he just too exhausted
and devastated with work, so nothing so fun to tell.


zorymory said...

i love this orange/pink shoes!!

Ine said...

OMG! THe orange heels are AMAZING!

@Erlinda Mikal@ said...

hey, hi! :) I'm frm malaysia, a frequent reader of yr blog, like yr fashion sense. :) there's one singer frm malaysia that seriusly looks like you, her name is atilia. check this out. :)

Caramell said...

oohh, these spotted leggins and heels are my faves! <3

Anonymous said...

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labeautifulvie said...

I love your stalkings!