Wednesday, July 1, 2009


find your true colours, before you no longer know your self

secret hiding place. thank you for everything. wish me luck. shall this infinite sadness magically turn into something real, and end up with a happily ever after. love love love you!!


Anonymous said...

you know you'll always be my mirror, love. Frankly, i like when our head growing bigger all the times, and our hearts never stop beating for never ending questions.

6 months from now, right:) i'll keep my promise with you, and of course, you'll be my companion when i attend my own fashion show! haha, mulai ngeyel.

rusiana luthfie said...

mba lucu bgt kamarnya!

Aisha Sevina said...

aku link ya kak hehe thanks

sharin djamal said...

ehh ada kak bini,hehhehe
aku menemukan blog kak bini secara tidak sengaja ;D

exchange link yu kak ;)

INBERT StreetStyle said...

Hey... May I link your blog??? Thx.