Thursday, July 16, 2009

oh i'm so tanned, my skin hurts

i spent my birthday with some random friends at Pulau Tengah, around the east side of Karimun jawa (my last visit is at the west side of the island)

i really had a wonderful birthday holiday,oh i'm so tanned,my skin hurts.i miss you all already, "geng lompat ya! pegangan tangan" katzura, nastar, MJ RM,dian kumis, maribeth, om farhan, yandhiiii...kecoa!!, suneopnobita, eza yayang, 21 random people.
thank you so much guys, you were all total gorgeous and wonderful!!

oh, and thank you for all the beautiful and super nice birthday wishes dearest friends. after i leave the blank signal spot, i got more or less 300 facebook notification, a lot of bbm, yahoo messanger offline messages, sms, and voicemails notification.


andrea said...

Oh my goddd, that looks so beautiful! The water is so clear... our beach water here is an ugly brown. D;

tince said...

wonderful pictures! It looks as if you had great time:)

Dania said...

the scenery is beautiful as well as the photos