Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i ask why, and you lied.

a quite weekend. feeling unwell.a very late dinner not yet supper at toscana. then a spontaneous traveling to bandung in the middle of the night. meet some friend for beer 124km away from home. but it was nice.

9 to 9 with the sailor, irlan barlan kardia. oh, kitssy, i hope you don't mind dear, i borrow him for the night :)

what i want to wear at fifi & bobby's wedding. but, everyone is complaining about the bow, and the-too-much-skin-to-show-in-the-afternoon-dress

and finally this is what i wore to the party. i look pregnant in that dress -.-'
btw, congratulation fifi & bobby ! :)


majorkisses said...

i dont mind :)

Eyeliah SS said...

Blue dress is amazing, you look great!