Tuesday, June 9, 2009

yaya & aria wedding party

wish you both happiness yaya & aria! congratulation!!
i'm tagging my classmate at highschool, joan at NY and putri at bandung!
wohoo..she's married guys!! hihihi

yaya is my highschool friend. this is the same day, sunday noon last week. after the reunion, my brother pick me up, and took me to his friend's house to take a shower and dressing up, and accompanying me to yaya&aria's wedding party. thank you my dearest brother, he's even brought me this purple dress of mine, the shoes, the necklace, and the right bag, as i requested.

omlet & emon,gosh, i havent seen them for years!!! 8years to be precisely!!!

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ambika said...

That blue dress is amazing.