Thursday, June 25, 2009

sugar in bitter, water in thirst, songs in silence

infinite sadness.
roller coaster heart. the terrific news came along with the bad news. it slap me real hard on my face, i cant hardly breathe. i choke. i cant scream. i cant fight back. i punch the air, i know it will give me nothing. and leave me unsatisfied. its like thirsty that could never fulfilled.
i'm not running out my time anymore. there is no more time to run. the time is up. slap me real hard in my face.
its my dream. my purpose on life. and now its my infinite sadness.
with all my life, i love him too much i cant even tell head's spinning, my throat's is dry.
be patient my dearest sister, wait until i'm away for a while, i'll shut down my heart and mind from now on. i'll give it all to you when i'm ready. and i wont say, not a sigle word, just to defense my self anymore.


Anonymous said...

everythings okay? i hope it is :( you make me worried! please be okay again soon.

Anonymous said...

knapa bingky?
baek2 kah dirimu?