Tuesday, June 9, 2009

pillow talk

saturday afternoon, with a stone in my head, i woke up at 12, and then had lunch
with indy & enggar at burger king, kemang. splitting away my stories, then meet up
with the others, at lokananta. after that we went to Vanessa art link at dharmawangsa
for "pillow talk" exhibition of baby, keni(my former housemate) and endira.

so proud of you guys!! :) and i cant stop smilling that endira do following this blog.
rahasiaaa yahh enn..malu deh gueee!!hehehehe..

endira,me,keni&baby...oohh i am so proud of you girls!
i'll be waiting all my life to be your model of painting.

my dearest babyros. i love you bebiros!!

then after that spend some quality time with mbacha and indoy at indoy's apartement.

random-pick your your movies game. its a hilarious game as we got all the movies that
we're so into and reflect our stories at the moment.oh how i love sleepover, and heart
to heart talk over beer all night long. and our trashy words over each other. just love
my girlfriends a lot!!i said those "i love my girlfriends a lot" frequently lately. but i really
do love them!! thank you, a thousand times thank you dearies, for always bring such a
wonderful time :)

at the end,love is the greatest power of all. so cheesy. but it is true. what more could u
expect from a man?he's a destination.i were a destination,she said.

happiness is a state of mind. sadness should be less expected, if you made it
yourself, its called drama,darl..

yes we can't have it like they do.Having nothing left to lose.bang!