Thursday, June 18, 2009

l'escargot, tweetpeeps, kitssy, skype & blue starfish

madrid and some random chat.

random things lately. a hectic week. my brother is out of the country at the moment, to start his spiritual journey. oh i wish you luck my dear brother. even though he's so irritating and annoying at home, but, i kinda miss him actually :') he left me
home alone for about 10 days, my car is mine again, BUT with the fuel indicator 1 cm below the "E(mpty)" sign!! oh, and A CUP OF COFFEE above the toilet mono block!! and of course dirty dishes. so i ran away from those chaotic situation and the emptiness of the house, meet up with my girls, at praline,cipete. order a plate of L'escargot with a glass of beer.
whining, gossiping, and laughing.

thank you.for the 'grown up conversation' for being so honest, for always be there. we're quite the same,don't you think?

and an almost dawn skype chat with her. with something surprising and made me smiling
in the middle of our conversation.ohh, just read my mind :)

and found some interesting facts about εχινόδερμα..haha find out its meaning at true or not I don't really
know. but really funny for sure.



choubelle said...

Wow that las pink starfish picture is incroyable!!


anggi said...

gw link blog lu di blog gwa yakk.. udah lama sih, tapi baru bilang.. :p

alexa said...

hiii,,i've been a silent reader of ur blog for the past few months
n i must say ur style is unique, kinda edgy in a way but still cute
may i know how tall r u ?
becoz i'm no more than 5 feet my self (i think u have the same height like mine)
n ur style really inspires me coz u look kinda petite but still unique n cool :)
keep it goin' girl
u rock !!!