Tuesday, June 9, 2009

and they came with baby's carriage

yes, i told you before.it was a quite busy week. the next day, sunday evening last week, after slept at 7am, i have to woke up at 9 because i already booked a seat at a travel bus, back to jakarta at 10. kitty drove me to the travel bus station. oh, thank you dearest kitty, for the warm welcome, the-from after midnight to after sunrise chat,giggles,and monsterous laugh..thank you for your hospitality :))kissssseees!!
i had a highschoo'sl click reunion. with their familyhusband and their cute kids. the-already married circle.ouch.hahaha.dendy pick me up at the bus station, then meet up with the rest at pacific place for lunch.

I AM SO HAPPY, I CANT EXPLAIN IT :) my best girlfriends with their different phase of life, tachong with bang roy came with their 2 lovely kids, keyza & massimo, mona and mas oi, with new baby born, moura, the rockstar, the belle of the ball that afternoon. i use this picture of me&baby moura for a week for my primary photo at facebook. i really cant take my eyes of her.

mando & meyla, who already 4months pregnant, came with a very chic and casual look with shorts & shirts. so in love:)
the rest is crying inside, without bringing any boyfriend, or girlfriend. hahahhaa, here i go again.start talking about it. the boys are their ex(es) who currently-of course-unavailable anymore.hahahaha. dika,ebhy,gims..kita pulang aje yuks..hahaha

wish you were here maiahs, sompa,lubis,judith,liza, uchay!!

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