Tuesday, June 9, 2009

am i wry at friday?

its all begun at pim2.meet up with college buddy.so much to catch up.
its runi's mom infront of the music store.!she's a jazz mucisian.woow!!

again, monik, chacha and iman at sushi groove. and my possessive brother after
gym, picking me up.oh pleaaseee!! its friday night!!
we need a lot of chat over a lot of beer!!!hahahahah

so we went to dehooi(again) without the brother,
and had this unplanning-spontaneous-pleasure disasterrrrrr!!

accidently gather up with some friends there, and had an ackward-fun-happy-
crazzzzy night!! a friend left behind at the toilet , one surrender hugging the urinoir,
some dancing on the table, some just staying sober to keep us all alive,
safe and sound arrived at our bed. it was just perfect.
thank you mbaonce&nyinyu.

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rvrda said...

si cibui anak de hooi ya