Saturday, May 23, 2009

friday stripes

today i went to immigration office to renew my passport.
after that, settle my bank account, reserve an airplane ticket,

and had lunch with mom, sister and brother.

after lunch, meet up with my long lost elementary-highschool girlfriend, cathy. i haven't seen her for almost 8 years! the last day of highschool was the last time i met her in person. the rest is only a virtual communication through yahoomessanger and facebook. its so nice to see her again, she's getting more beautiful than 8 years ago :))

after that, getting together with the girlies, like usual.chitchat over coffee and milk. my 2 other boy friends(boy friend, not boyfriend,ok), join us, and talks about the silliness of my ex-boyfriend, all night long.ahahahaha...too bad the exboyfriend couldnt come and join us, to mock himself and beat the bad jokes we throw at him. a one way unfair.hahaha.

and, look what i found at my sister's macbook!! her, posing around with outfits!! the bad news is she doesnt have any blog or anything whatsoever. so i decide to steal all the images, and post it my self, here. say hi to my sister, she's skinnier, taller,fun, sweet, beauiful, and have more exotic look than me..isn't she gorgeous??

oh i love my sister a lot! kissessss.


GRICIA said...

are u going to thai again ^_^ i miss dat place..esp BKK and Phuket..

Denalia's said...

wowwwwwwwww. both you and your sister's style was nice! i love your outfit. hehe