Friday, May 22, 2009

about going home

i'm curently at my hometown to spend the long weekend with the family. its so relaxing, since lately i always whining about "mom, i'm homesick" or "i'm lonely here" or "everything get harder without the boyfriend near me" etc etc. but also so today is my grand mother 70th birthday. my big family throw this super duper party to celebrate it.all the family member, here there, everywhere come and gather around and made a really noisy atmosphere. everything is okay and fun, and happy..till everyone keep asking about the sensitive case of: ught, mariage thingy. oh please stop asking that sensitive question over and over again:(( in the middle of the party, i left. without notification at all.

i went to a spa, and refresh my mind, then pick up my girlfriend, yudith, and then
go to a saloon enjoying menicure and pedicure :)) after that meet up with the rest
of the clique, at SoHo.

and spend the rest of the night

gossiping, whining, and laughing.
thank you so much girls..
for listening my ramblings.
love you all.kisses.

beers and good friends
are always right :))


Shen-Shen said...

I love the leather-y pants! Your grandmother's party sounds like it was fun.. until all the sensitive issues came up! :[ Glad your girlies cheered you up :]

the_kitten said...

Your girlfriends are not only wonderful to you, but wonderfully stylish. It makes girls nights out all glamorous!

dD.Diyana said...


You don't have to worry about marriage because you already have a great guy who is working his arse for his future with you.

Take care and glad to see you're having fun after posts of you being miserable and missing your bf and family :)

Your silent reader,
Diyana Shahrom