Sunday, April 5, 2009

we're in the sky with diamonds

it was our 5th year together.

my baby take me out for dinner to Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar, some 61 floors above the streets of Bangkok, to celebrate it :)

i love you babybubu..i wish we'll be together till we both forget each other's name, and peeing ourselves, because we are too old and need help to get to the toilet..x))

" aku lebih suka cibuy gemuk. tapi kamu cakep, kalo lagi kurus bubu :)" 29 maret 2009, heart.


Nana said...

hi there!! OMG the view is to die for!! Soo envious! I would definitely try to eat there once!!! If only If only!

Happy Anniversary btw! :D

GRICIA said...

the view is uber cool..u can also had that kind of view at baiyoke sky..but yours is cool-er...sooo romantic!!!

chekka cuomova said...

awww what a beautiful view ;D
and you look very elegantly chic.. happy anniversairy! <3

fruitnibbler said...

amazing cityscape :x

daisy sunshine said...

pretty photos! love it :)