Tuesday, April 28, 2009

princess hours, sleepless nights & a wedding party

call me out of date, but i just finished watching "princess hours" 2days ago. omg omg omg, i think i'm in love with the prince..hahaha..i am so predictible. oh where have i've been??right now i'm so eager to visit korea..i love the prince and feigoong mamma..loove!!

and last saturday i attend firman&retno's wedding. firman is my co-worker.
this is what i wore:

thank you for the nice picture mas daris :)
after the party, i accompanying cici to find a dress to wear to her best friend's engagement party.
of course i change my outfit.

then we had a nangka's meeting with anit & rido at regal- PIM2.

and the next day, i went to a Korean restaurant, chung gi wa, with my autie.oh its so nice being amongst Korean, who speak korean languange and eating korean food..hahahah..i'm still very exicited about korean thingy after watching "princess hours"


andrea said...

You look so beautiful in the dress you wore to the wedding!

yiqin; said...

joo ji hoon is mine! <3333

dance with me forever said...

yiqin: he's minee!! hehe..oh i love him xD

ida said...

welcome to the korean bandwagon!
and you look gorgeous in the outfit to the wedding. :))

Anonymous said...

have you seen boys over flowers?? korean version???
i'm soooo into that tv show!
i will look foward to see princess hours :)


dance with me forever said...

ida: thankss :)
key: i haven't seen boys before flowers yet, but i bought the dvds already..heheh..its about time..:D

thegoclubb said...

oh gosh!tell me bout it!
i can watch korean dramas for the whole week. u chould chck out bof!!