Friday, April 3, 2009

hello sathorn-bangkok, i'm back!

last week i went to bangkok(again!) hehe, and had a 9 hours transit in Kuala Lumpur.pheeew! it was exhausting. and KL was so humid just like jakarta, and i cant stand it. Oh God! Instead of just waiting on the commercial area of LCCT, i decided to take a little adventure to the city. so i bought a skybus ticket-which i thought it was sort of like a skytrain or something, with its own railway, or all, or a mass rapid transportation, etc, but it was only a regular bus that take me to KL central :D hehehe... it took an hour 15 minutes to get to KL central from the airport. from KL central i took a train to KLCC. i texted my friends who studying at KL, to meet me there, i texted my girlfriends, who arrived at KL a day before,and i will meet them at bangkok 2 days after, to meet me in front of Topshop. and it seems the sms not delivered, and i ended up eating lunch by my self. so sad x). and my malaysian friend, Fendi, is busy with the design exhibition thingy, he cant also meet while im on that short visit. after lunch, i took off, back to lcct.
LCCT-KL central-KLCC-KL central-LCCT. a looong journey, before i take my next flight to bangkok.whoaa. but i like it like that, than spending the rest of the time, sitting alone at mc donald lcct, doing nothing, because the wifi is only available at the boarding lounge.
I arrived at Bangkok, 0n 11 pm, the boyfriend picked me up, then straight to his apartment at sathorn. Oh I never thought I Miss him so badly, untill i met him again in person, not on a videocall connection on the net. my virtual lovely boyfriend :)) hahaha..

he's taking my wiwt with his new "lomo ring colour flash" attached to his digital camera. and i love all the pictures, eventhough i that? haha

and what so nice is, he already bought us favorite thai food, som tam & yam wun sen.mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

this is the breakfast he made me the next morning.

no he wasnt that nice. its a bribe because he have to work at the day, and leave me alone by my self, fooling around with my own, at some mall..killing the time. oh, i hate malls. the suan lum night market not open yet during the working hours(hello..its called "night market,hahaha) and its not weekend yet, so the cathuchak weekend market is i dont have any other choices,. and mall it is. siam paragon and its friends (siam discovery mall, one world, and MBK that available during the day)

then after work, he join me for dinner.oh, and my outfit, its the bf tshirt, i dont feel like dressing up after a loong trip the day before. my body is still need comfortness. all i need a big loose and slouchy tshirt that can make me free to move.
Late at night, my girlfriends arrived at bangkok, Adhe & Dika. It supposed to be Meyla join us in this trip, but, she's 2 months pregnant, she have to be really carefully with her condition, so she canceled the trip. sad, because, this trip wasnt gonna be the same without her. and happy, because, soon, im gonna be a young auntie again, yaay! i cant wait for the unborn baby to be born :))

we went to chatuchak weekend market. and my new purchase, my cutie baby blue dress with pink polkadots and a giant bow is goooneeee!!! i am really depressed at the time!

it was a very nice short trip with the girlfriends, as they took off from bangkok, the next day.

and this is the new lomo ring color flash i told before..

really cool,eh? :)

ps.hey i'm writing quite a lot today, i've been a micro blogger..since.....months ago, when my mind & soul-interior design-took my life away :))
have a nice sunday every body! :)
thank you all for still reading my blog, and please feel free to drop me some line. umm..eventhough i might not reply it so soon X))


gwen. said...

I have the exact same Fisheye.
is the ring flash expensive?
looks pretty damn awesome!

annabananna said...

what a great time, looks like tons of fun!

GRICIA said...

pas d bkk mampir k platinum gk??truss yg ft2 duduk d park,itu dmana ur whole pics..

lola said...

hi babe,
i really adore you.
i wonder if we could be friends.
I'm from KL and we are about in the same field too..i guess it would be great if we could be friends.
Please do drop me an email


Shirley Lesmana said...

wht a cool blog! ohya, mau nanya sedikit personal. kakak pernah ambil s2 di PM nga? cus u do look like my senior hehehe

Farah said...


saya selalu saja mampir di sini.selalu saja tunggu kamu update!hehe.saya suka ur style :)

lots of love from malaysia.ehehe.

disa said...