Wednesday, April 22, 2009

in between disney on ice, mini mouse and snow white

last saturday night, disney on ice.

this is what i wore:
then meet putry, my high school girl friend
she's an announcer, at prambors bandung as pingkan bachtiar

i gotta run, emergency call! see you!:)


theliciousgum said...

omg! The last time I saw that I was like 7 or 8... can't remember... lol.

But I loved it!!!!

Btw, did u buy those Ice syrup things that come with Disney mugs??

I have mine as Goofy! :D

And of course, amazing outfit as always... :D

yiqin; said...

Ah I wanna catch this too!!!

Ordinary Diary said...

hey.. trnyata knal fania juga yahh.. hihi dunia sempit bgt.. gw yg kenal bebi juga. Kalo bebi itu tmn smanya tmn gw.. kalo fania tmn kuliah gw di dkv trisakti.. salam yah bwt fania!