Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i ♥ the blue of indonesia - karimun jawa


Ordinary Diary said...

hi hi...
baru liat nih blognya.. dpt linknya dari hot chocolate and mint..
seneng bgt sihh liat dirimu.. kayanya jalan2 terus hihi.. bajunya juga lucu2.. oia gw liat lo lg sama bebi anak itb, ko kenal yah?anak itb juga kah? exchange link yahh.....supaya ga lupa kalo mau klik2 lagi...
see ya!

GRICIA said...

wahhh seruuuu bangett..upload'an fotony banyak pula..thx for sharing..jadi pngen liburaannnn...

Anonymous said...

lovely places!!!Is it where you live???I would like to visit places like that in the future during my life...!!!

yiqin; said...

Such nice photos! How I wish I can be on a holiday now!

JoYsCloset said...

So colourful, so NICE, so HappY`!

GRICIA said... again..hmm looks like u're so busy yha..gk perna reply comment.hehe..anyway can i hv ur email?mo kirim sesuatu like ur style..oya sm mo tny soal pulau.kyna lo traveller bner..hehe

dance with me forever said...

ordinary diary:
:)) hehe iya nih, travelling is my passion itb, dan serumah sama bebi semasa kuliah.kenal bebi dimana bo? sip, ntar blognya gw taro di blogroll gw juga deh

its not where i actuaaly live, but, yeah its in my country though..
go visit Indonesia then, sooo many beautiful beaches like that :))

go go go on a holiday! refreshing your mind is good for your health..umm maybe not for you wallet :D
ooh im so broke right now i cant even afford only a new pair of shoes :(

it is nice and happy :))
the pictures speak a lot, eh?

and thank you for visiting:)
iya, lumayan nih di kantor lagi menggila.alamat email gw ada di profile blogger gw,email aja kl ada pertanyaan ttg karimun jawa, dgn senang aku akan sharing..heheh

c.h.e.e.l.a.s.t.a.r said...

Wow.. baru tau kalo karimun jawa sebagus itu..
jadi pengen kesana.. hehe..

Nice to meet u..

Dania said...

u and ur frens are sooo it!!

Anonymous said...

ah jadi pengen ke karimun jawaaaaa >.<
sis, love your blog :)
tetep eksis ya. hehe


acilalala said...

wohooo i love beaches and always want to go to greatest beaches. never know we have such beauty in our own country, i definitely will go there someday, thanks for sharing =)

fa:scinating said...

hello. my friend's sooo into you so that's how i got here :)

i shall one day try the beautiful islands of indo. maybe u can suggest some links that i can check out?