Tuesday, March 17, 2009

where did my baby go?

first week after new years eve. i went to bandung. re-unite with the girlfriends and my former house mates. staying at tromarama's mansion. and had a blast 3 days! wandering around, some artsy visit to an indonesian curator, mr.asmudjo's artsy house.hahaaha, actually, he's one of our lecturer from college.

meeting with bathsebha's mom. my girlfriend nuri, were about to merge in a bussiness with her.nuri & bathsebha's mom made some beautiful patchwork bag, called "kerling"
i bought one for my self, and had a stressfull 2 hours, hasitating & confused which one to pick. these are 2 bags my top choise:

and playing weffriddles all night. so so fun fun fun.

look. i ended up with the purple-ish one. but still cant get 'the orange' one out of my mind..

did some shopping and found this termentous blouse.

the next day, sleep till afternoon, join a discussion after a group art exhibiton ”Deer Andry—A solo Exhibition of Andry Moch. Realized by His Friends & Family” tribute to the late, andry moch.

meet herra pahlasari, a video artist, the owner of the gallery, one of the founder of videolab, a bestfriend to Andry Moch, a great mother, and a beautiful wife of Mr.Aminuddin TH Siregar, one of the most respectable curator in indonesia. She was the one who gave me a recommendation and support me for the first "bandung new emergence" at 2006, held at selasar sunaryo art space.
And Amelia Lestari, also a video artist, also one of the founder of videolab. And shes's getting married, at the end of march 2009!! congratulaion!! :)
seeing them both makes me feel real estastic and wanna jumps into the sea of art again.
ooh, i wish i had a lot of time to start and made some videoart again :(
i even had big problem to manage my own personal blog!

i was an artist you know, a video artist, for detail :) well, actually. i still am.

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