Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i forgot to tell you. i trim my bangs.

and i regret it!!

its too short.too short.tooo short.

its too short.too short.tooo short.

meet my kid sister..aimee alissa.
she's 9, but act like 19. really!!

N*E*R*D got canceled!!

late night at the office

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

moura qaisara kurniawan

remember, mona? my best friend who got married last year. she's giving birth already to her 1st daughter. Moura Qaisara Kurniawan. OMG OMG OMG i'm officially an auntie :))

she's so beautiful

my best girlfriends from high school. both married :))

. i cant take my eyes off her.i love you baby Moura..kisses.

Tasya with Roy, her husband, and their two lovely angels,Keyza & Massimo

Dendy. My deskmate at elementary school, my bestfriend's boyfriend at high school. My good friend at lonely saturday night :)

we bought this cute dress for Moura. After that Dendy drop me at bus station, i'm heading to bandung, for an art group exhibition. Easy Project #4.
My art work is called " andy" plagiarism on canvas, 15x20cm

a curator from an art auctioneer, offering my artwork to join an affordable art auction.oh my.
maybe i should think about it twice. its been a while since my last exhibition 2 years ago.
yeah i was an artist. i still am.

at katallog.

hairy hair


1 ticket coldplay for sale!

look what my baby got me :)

the boyfriend is coming home for a week. yay!
look these beautiful bags he bought for me:)
i love you cibuya!!