Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my life's a mess, works keeps me busy, i need a normal life!!!

oh, i forget to mention that early this month i move out from my rented house to my family's house near my office area, that, also get me disconnected from the internet. but i'm happy about it,
i cant take care my self no more, here, the housekeeper/the helper take care of my daily bussiness, like, washing the laundry, cooking, tidy up my room, cleaning the house,etc etc,
i love it, i have a big drawer & dressing table, a bigger closet,
but without internet connection for awhile,

i even make a skype call at the office, to communicate with the bf.
im so glad he's ok, during the chaos at bangkok a while ago.
and about the internet connection,
no worries, the problem solved already, by now i wrote this blog.

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Eyeliah @ said...

That is an impressive organized pile of clothes!