Wednesday, December 17, 2008

my friends are getting married

early this month, my childhood girlfriend, Tira, is getting married.
She married to Reno, after a couple of years dating.
this is what i wore to the wedding reception. its a little, edgy, i guess, about the gap in my chest..hahah..and the family, and also the guests, mostly are so conservative, and their eyeballs almost jump off their eyes, seeing me dressing up like this..

i really love Tira&Reno's prewedding photo session, its like a fashion spread or something, looks so classy & exclusive. there is much more than this, but i haven't had the time to capture them all..
Congratulation Tira & Reno! :)
with the newlywed & friends from highschool
its been ages, since the last time i meet them all! so happy that day :))
and finally meet my dearest bestfriend, mona, whose married a couple months ago, remember?
she's 6 months pregnant right now! soon i'm gonna be an aunty to my future niece, yes, she's a baby girl!!

and mr. vice president of indonesia giving his best wishes for the newlywed.
the bride is his niece.