Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i love my girlfriends

Monik, my former housemate, ask me for a quick tutorial about Adobe photoshop, she need it for an illustration project. after a couple of hours short course, we rode away to pick up chacha at pacific place. she's on duty as a coordinator or something at seventeen magazine's event (where she's working as a fashion stylist). so here we are again, three of us, like the old time :))
ohh i miss our house so badly, girls!! ( we're housemates, you know! for almost 5 years)
and, moving off from pacific place, to anomali, where some of our friends, preparing for monik's-not-so-surprise-party..hahahah, i know for sure that bitch is already knew all the plan, and pretending (like she always did) and being a drama queen, with her fake shocking face..hahahah

happy birthday monica hapsari! i love you with all my heart, come on, make me proud with the result of the digital illustration xD she's an amazing illustrator, ooohh of course you too mba acha :)) and they misspell her name, doesnt matter though :D

and former housemates configuration, without my bf,and chacha's bf.

wish you were here mas cibuy..kemod terlalu sibuk ah! hehehe

aand, some what we wore today picture

i really miss you girls..and our crazy life under one roof


chacha effendy said...

eheeeeem....hehe, parah di foto pertama gw sangat tambun!..hehe,
xoxo girl:)

milosundae said...

bin, aku suka baju2nya. aku link blog kamu ya :D