Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And i just getting Drunk..

The whitest boy alive & steve aoki at bengkel night park.
and, yeah i met yvan, the facehunter. but sadly, we just made an eye contact, and he run out of the blue, and looks so busy.
he stayed at my friend's house though, and that friend of mine, invite me to meet him in person, if not for a photo shoot, maybe a little chitchat over coffee or tea. that would be very nice, if i had the chance and so much time to do that. and again, over time at the office nearly became my middle name.

this is what i wore that night.

after that i join my brother and his girlfriends and his former housemate.

and another night in the middle of the week, when the next day supposed to be a very hectic day of a project deadline!!

oh and this is the picture when i dress my hair up for tira&reno's wedding reception

i love the hair looks like a lion's hair.

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