Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello all!

Life is so busy lately.and i'm trying to updating from my cellphone right now.i hope it works.and oh,the facehunter is coming to town!

Posted by ShoZu


Loveliness makes my world go 'round. said...

someone is going to be on face hunter (you dear!)

Joy said...

I just the other day found your blog,you have amazing pics! The colours cheer me up here in Finland, where it's cold and dark all the time, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog,
hope u dont mind i link it to mine!

Nazima said...

hey babe. i just realize you link my blog. thank you so much.

but i already change my blog's name. the old one is i eat rainbow and poop butterfly. the new one is nazima, fashion doodle and everything more.