Monday, November 10, 2008

goodluck, jacky satyawira!

still at bandung, after sammy & putri's wedding party we went to karaoke. actually its a secret farewell party for jacky, the group leader of product & graphic division at my office. he doesnt know about the plan at all, untill....

the graphic&product team play a short video about him & their teamwork& all the bad/good memories they share together

and it made me cryy...and everybdy in the room....

and of course jacky himself couldnt stand the tears from falling

and one more surprise for jacky, a model/mock up of product&graphic building filled with the actual condition, instument,furniture and all as farewell present
how sweet & cool is that??

goodluck dear jacky!
it was really nice to work with you!

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Tina said...

I was just looking at your photos and wondered who takes them? You look great in this set:)