Monday, October 27, 2008

the 2nd weekend without him

i though i'm gonna hate this weekend, like i hate the last weekend that i spent alone, without talking to anybody, sleeping, less eating, watching dvds, lying at bed all day, not taking a shower,etc,etc. weekend is my enemy since the bf is away..girlfriends is so busy with work, or their boyfriend, or their husband, their kids, their lifes actually, their family.etc etc
but, last saturday night, my bestfriends from college, stop by and visiting me at home.

thank you guys, i never laugh that hard in the past 3 weeks :))
we had makassar seafood for late supper,
and i ended sleepover at my girlfriend's apartement at kemang.
her new room number is the same as my birthday number :) heheh
the next day we went to carrefour for groceries
thats indy, my great girlfriend :)

thank you my dearest indoy for your hospitality this weekend for me :)


yiqin; said...

I love your hoody!! & the seafood looks so good <3

I know what you mean, it seems like all my girlfriends are busy when my boyfriend is away :/

Anonymous said...

awh looks like you had fun!

Eyeliah @ said...

Aww, its times like this good friends are the best!!! You are holding up so well.

Anna Pope said...

That hoodie looks so cute and comfy!

PaliloLana said...

helo! wow! i love ur styles! i just bloghopping n landed here and im alrd loving this blog!! =) wats ur height? u look gd in all those kinds of vintage dresses

mademoiselleb said...

Aww you are so cute !

Anonymous said...

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Ediot said...

too too cute. lovely pics