Thursday, August 28, 2008

picnic.magic mushroom & a farewell party

that girl, far on the left, is a good friend of mine. she's already gone to madrid last week, for a master degree of fashion business .this is our farewell party for her. a picnic in front of (was)our college park.
que tengas suerte, bathsebha!
hasta pronto!


the_kitten said...

you look so bohemian cool here! With the see-thru umbrella and that fag in your mouth. Ha! Really hippy.

helvetica said...

hehe thanks kitten.i love being hippy. maybe a hippy i am for real, except the swinger part and too free sex partner..pfiuh.

gem fatale said...

I love this look!

Ratie said...

Eh, itu di lapangan SR yah...?

Well, nice to know your blog, dear! I'm Rati, TL 2002! Cheers! :D