Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 days at BALI

last week end, right at our nation's independence day, me& half of the office went to BALI to attend one of our colleague's wedding party.

the bride gave us balinese sarong to wear at her wedding. and the top, it is actually a supersize scarf, that i modified to look like a kebaya, and combine it with the balinese obi.
and! no one told me that it was a garden party!! :( look! i wore a high heels! great.

the newlywed, jacky & mita

and the rest is the pictures from the sightseeing around bali. i'm not really shopping a lot there. i went to bali 4 times in 2,5 year! i'm not that excited anymore ;)

this is a small boutique called "flamingo" full of really really nice clothes!
but only the boyfriend & the boys shop a lot there.:)) i spend my money at great food.

the rayban club

balinese dancer

i loooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeee beaches!!!

this is what i wore on the plane back home


the_kitten said...

I might have to be really mad at you, because so much jealousy going on! First of all, not excited about Bali anymore? I have never ever been to Bali - I would be excited muchos!!! And it looks like you had SO SO much fun! Fun in the sun on Bali!!! Gosh! And tell me, how do you do it? You look great AND gorgeous AND stylish ALL the time! You are too good to be true! Anyway, wonderful to see you had a good time. You are lovely!

Lloyda said...

you are absolutely adorable. i want to go to bali. i've never been there. i simply adore beautiful beaches. :)

Ediot said...

such adventourous pics!and i envy you so much for going there.
where did u get your pink top from?
i love it

Hailey @ said...

I so look forward to these posts updating us on a few outfits, fabulous!

ambika said...

Such wonderful photos! It all looks like *so* much fun. And so colorful!

helvetica said...

the kitten:
you know, first cut is the deepest, thats for sure..its been 4 times!! i cant feel the thrill anymore.except for beaches, never ever not too excited for beaches!!
start to plan to go to bali, then! its wonderful you know..thanks for the comment, very flattering words.

thanks girl.
and you know what, i just realize that you are not at my blogroll ever since,and that really shock me! i've update the blogroll, i am really sorry for not notice it :((

thanks. the pink top is from a small boutique near my rented house, label.


yeah, i had a lot of fu-un for sure:)

Diabolina 3.1 said...

adorable photos. your spirit jumps off the page. very cute blog!