Thursday, July 31, 2008

wedding issue

those photos are from college. me and the girls from interior major were on a dancing group. and one of the girl, vina, finally get married last sunday at bandung. so, me and the rest of the member, thronging to attend the wedding and had a little french maid dancer reunion. we order a wedding uber trophy made of acrylic fo the wedding couple.

congratulation vina & denny!

the dancers:)

the trophy

the outfit

these photos are from 2 days ago, after dinner with friends at senayan city

my outfit last lazy sunday morning, on the way to bandung ( for vina&denny's wedding) have not showered yet,really early in the morning, about 7am.

outfit at work

oooh and the braces are taken off! look carefully the previous pictures, my teeth are clean now..and these are the photos on the day i went to the dentist..

oh and one more interesting activity last week, the boyfriend is photographing, his best friend donald & the fiance, wanda, for a pre-wedding photos. i helped him for the wardrobe and the styling. it was so fun fun fun. i like it so much. donald said i should have been a fashion stylist and work at a fashion magazine instead of being a boring interior designer. heeyy!! i love my job, REALLY..but...... if anyone need my help as a fashion stylist, i really would love to help and ready to be an emergency freelance fashion stylist..anytime.hehehe

and these are donald & wanda's pre wedding photos:

photos courtessy of riva ramanda.
they're getting married this friday, and my boyfriend is chosen to be the man of honour :))

oh, and tonight is the boyfriend 28th birthday, i'm at his office right now, ready to blow the candles, right at 12:00 am..hehehe

Sunday, July 20, 2008


another busy day at work.

a lazy sunday morning

at anitya&rido's wedding.dedato in red.

one fine day at my birthday, leaving jakarta, and flew to spend the weekend at my hometown, for my bestfriends wedding :)
congratulation dearest meyla & amando!
here is some photos after the wedding ceremony. its in traditional way of bugis. one of the ethnic group in indonesia.

i wore a bright yellow baju bodo, with candy colour sarong

and the photos from the wedding reception.

the bridesmaids

the newlywed & the bridesmaids + the boyfriends :) sadly my bf couldnt come to the wedding :(

red carpet ride :)
the dress is made by-again-matthew, my saviour, he made it for only-again-a very short time, about 4 days!

i had such a wonderful time there, meet the family, i miss them a lot! and oh, my mom, bought a super big birthday cake, about 40cmx40cm! i think, take a day leave from the office (only at monday) is not enough, and my last day there is about meeting a client and had a sudden presentation :( i want more time with my family :(

back to jakarta

back to work

back to reality

back to super busy hours

at richard's farewell party :( richard is going back to uk
see you soon my dearest rich rich..i'm gonna miss you!

and at sunday afternoon, i went to a saloon,

to perm my hair!

and triple date it is, before took richard to the airport.had mojitos & fondue by the bay..

its so sad not to be connected to the internet lately. i wish i could buy time :( today i'm back from the office 7 in the morning, and back to the office again at 9. sleepy!
and another thing is, my blogging time at weekend has been replaced by attending a lots of schedulle and wedding parties (as i mentioned at my previous entry, i am fully booked till early of september every weekend,either saturday/sunday for wedding parties!) everyone is getting maaarrrieeedd ^0^
now i'm too sleepy and too lazy to updating my blogroll as i promise everyone before..
forgive me y'all..i'll do it next time. please forgive me? :((

oh, another sad news, about LC from Fops and Dandies,
shes not gonna be blogging any longer. I really really love her blog, really..her blog is one of my first click when i get connected to the internet! sometimes even before my own blog. this is a very sad news.
congrats & good luck for the law school, and i wish you all the best in life,LC..
and one thing for sure, i'm gonna miss you! kissssessss!