Sunday, June 1, 2008

we are reasons so unreal

saturday.i pick up Sofia & Richard at 1pm, and then go to PIM and had sushi for lunch. i know Mr T(my boss) would kill me if he finds out that I'm not taking them to an Indonesian restaurant (as they eagerly wants to try everything about Indonesian food) but i really want sushi for lunch, really! after lunch we're moving out from the mall, and head up to jalan Surabaya, a place that sells Indonesian antique stuff and all. i really love this place.and shame on me, this is my first time either. *sigh*

sofia's shopping debut at indo: a bangle! actually she's good on bargaining.i'm proud of you,girl!xp and i find these vintage glasses,so cool! i really like it, but its still overpriced for a vintage, so i decided not to purchase it, but just take pictures of it

after jalan surabaya, we went to Senayan City, meet up with my friend adit & ichsan, and finally meeting diana from Hot Chocolate & Mint accidentally.but for some reason, i cant be able to take a picture with her. maybe next time di, kapan2 ketemu lagi yah...:)
then the bf join us,had dinner and after that we went to Blitz Megaplex at Grand Indonesia to watch What Happens In Vegas. Great movie!!! i'm laughing out loud along the movie, and shed a tear at the end, and laughing like crazy again at the very end. (and please say nothing about me for being in 3 different mall in a day!mall rats!!! hahaha)
it was a wonderful saturday night,guys!!thanks!!:))

sunday 12:12pm.protect me from what i want, my Dearest God.sigh!!!!

today i'm not feeling really good. its the second day of my period. stressful and exhausting. the bf meeting up with a client,i had to come with him because after that we had this plan, looking for a graduation present for my youngest sister.

item in this photo:
dress: H&M by thriftshop
belt: thriftshop
bag: guy laroche-mom's hand me down

so many adventures couldn't happen today so many songs we forgot to play so many dreams are swinging out of the blue
we let them come true ..
i think i'm gonna drop the bomb..


the_kitten said...

gawd, ur so sickeningly cute, I barely can believe it! I love what you wear, you look so amazing!

Your new colleagues seem to be quite fun to hang with, next time go to an Indonesian restaurant, though, do not be so selfish and choose the things only you want to eat :p

It is so nice you met Diana, how was it? Or how was she?

What bomb?

AlicePleasance said...

I really likethe H&M dress :-)

annabananna said...

you look lovely again! love your dress and hope you're feeling better by now!

Bex said...

Nice purple leggings and sunnies. You're very cute!

Jones said...

if i ever go to indonesia, i'd like to see this antiques shop. said...

ooohhh i really like that dress on you. and i was wondering where you lived bec you said it was hot but freezing at the office.... it reminded me of offices in manila! except ur face looked too exotic for you to be from there. anyway i'm dying to see a photo of your hair from the back.... i have been contemplating of cutting mine like yours!

helvetica said...

thanks babe!
yeah yeah yeah i xp
i cant help it, at least they dont complain about having sushi for lunch time, i'll take them to eat "otak" then..anyone interested?

and about diana, it was a very quick meeting,at a glance, and she was skinny, small face, but with chubby cheek,in indonesian:tembem :) and she use braces like me! maybe thats why she never grin and just simpering in every picture of her..

bomb? oh its a line from "forever young" song, it suits my feeling right now,

thanks, its so cheap, 20.000 rupiah, about 1 euro!

thanks dear

thanks, i really love the legging too, its floral and laces!

sure, i would love to take you there jones! or LC?
and maybe LC will find some golden oldies of vintage combs..:)

mommythe robot:
i live in indonesia.thanks, maybe next time,i can post photos of my hair from all side for you :)

fashionpuppy said...

lool, funny glases in the first picture! xDDD

nice outfit

Miss Woo said...

haha those glasses you wore in the pictures are crazy! but in a really good way ;)

ray said...

your outfits are so the purple leggings.gorgousxx

soph said...

Oh that looks like such a fun day out! your colleagues are lucky to have such a nice guide :)
love the black and white dress with red accessories

Emily said...

i just stumbled across your blog, and i must say, i'm very impressed. you always look so happy and it's very refreshing. way too many bloggers look completely morbid and pissed off and it's just not fun to look at! great blog and i look forward to reading more :)