Monday, June 30, 2008

forget me not

wow. its been 2 weeks since my last post. i'm so so so so sorry guys for the lack of posts..a lot of great things happens in the last of two weeks,i've been touching my REAL life again, and it keeps me reeeeally busy.

so before, i be forgotten by all the bloggers in the world, i leave you guys with these gazillion pictures that i take for what i wore in the last 2 weeks, and don't mind the personal stories that came with it..i, a couple of time missed the moment, and a few picture at others camera, but here is from my camera. enjoy!

at the first week, i arrange a surprise hen party for anitya, a colleague, whose are my boss niece, and we're end up held the surprise party at the boss house, while he's out of town.haha, how cool is that? she's gonna be married this Sunday..yaaay!
ate too much sushi, and got an allergic, and the medicine is made me so calm and low and hollow, listen too much part time lover by stevie wonder, someone from the past came,to ruin my life again,and everything was just perfect when i watch 'sex and the city' the movie. i perfectly end up feeling devastated and anxious the whole week.
went to club in jakarta to meet another Italian, the son of sof's step mother's tailor. hahaha..

and again, a wedding announcement from my bestfriend, meylanie, she's gonna be married a day after my birthday! which is next week, which is on my hometown, which is makes me really happy, because i also can meet my family, and re-gather up with the bestfriends..
mona, my other bestfriend who just got married a couple of months ago, just got a (+) sign at her pregnancy test! congratulation honey!!!:)) cant describe how happy i am!, and also!! another bestfriend of mine (another member in the "gang") is also 3 month pregnant, so she cant make it to meylanie's wedding next week, i'm overwhelmed with these news and situation!!!
and,starts from this saturday, i am fully booked to attend wedding parties, every saturday/sunday until the mid of august!!

you all might familiar with this clothes. yeah it is the skirt i wore at a couple of posts before this one, but i pull it up, and, voila! became a tube dress :)

nothing in particular.not so in the mood for outfits.death disco.

a music note skirt.low and hollow.

a printed necklace t shirt,went to a dermatologist.

little miss blue

like always, working 26 hours-nonstop, from 8:30am till 10:30 the next morning.crazy.
[pictures available yet]

went to bandung with sofia&richard by a public transportation, it is a bus actually, without any idea where to stay, shopping shopping and shopping,
the dinner before head up to bandung.

you'll never know how it taste, but i'm glad richard dont complain about it, since he's been so picky about indonesian food. no spicy, no silly textured food, no bad view food, no cow brain-hahahah, i bet, none of you guys un-indonesian, is dare to eat a cow brain, its called, otak, and its good.really.)

bought this purple dress, sofia looks good on that 'oscar night' dress. and lovin' the post-it dress from vero moda!

the sequins dress reminds me of LC from fops and dandies,she's crazy about sequins!

i love the BCBG dress that sofia wore, its only for 35 poundsterling.

and then bought a silly shoes, that everyone said it was rubbish, and only the bf said that its cute.xp thanks dear for your support, hhohoho
went to a rave party straight from bandung, not so drunk, but it was so great.

the stripes! ayas-dinda's bf-me and rich.
and at sunday, went hunting a red dress to wear at anitya's wedding with dinda.

soon to be my shoes. dearest my lovely boyfriend, i have direct you, to an inspirational birthday gift, what do you think, babe? :))
bought a trouser from mango, it was on 50% mid year sale!!
and had dinner at 'din tai fung' one of the top 10 restaurant in the world,
voted by The New York Times, and i love it!!

i'm sorry to everyone who commenting on my earlier post, i dont have the time to response..i take a day off from office today, i'm feeling not really well :((
and my dearest kitten, i'm workin' on the tagging thingy, i'll be posting it soon..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a picture mean a 1000 words

some pictures means..

mini album photo

i dont feel like writing right now, so i'll leave you guys with these photos xp