Thursday, May 1, 2008

working school girl?

i don't really like the idea of "school uniform day" when my friend at work sparking it last week.pleats skirt, high socks?and with high heels???!
ha! high socks school girl at working area? i think it would be silly or kinky? i, my self is too short and petite and have a very youthful face, and that "school uniform day" idea will make me looks so "school girl" walking around the office.its really sucks, when client/suppliers visiting our office and ask " who is that fancy girl? an internship from what university?how old is she, like, 16?"
maybe i'm overreacted, there is a lot of way to translate this "school uniform" or, maybe should i say, "preppy look".and when the day is come (last friday) i dont obey it.i'm sorry, guys, but one more thing about this "school uniform day(with high heels)"it reminds me about porn movie and all of that men's dirty imagination(a school girl, a nurse,a police woman,a waitress,etc etc you name it!)hahaha, call me skeptic, but, its a no no NO!

and today, i found this pleats skirt at my wardrobe.try to mix and match,and..... ended up looks like " a school girl" !!
there is no more time to change the outfit, and i am really late for facts, its not that bad though.. hahaha..

items in this photo:
cardigan: esprit
shirt: dELiAs


Hailey @ said...

It totally works, you look cute and professional. The scarf texture and color is a well matched touch for this look.

She's Dressing Up said...

This is great, I love the brightness of the polo shirt!

helvetica said...

thanks girls :)
its not that bad i guess to wear preppy-look, i'm just being so skeptical.haha

Miss Woo said...

I think your look is definitely waaay stylish than all the other novelty style school uniforms I've seen. The tartan skirt is sweet.

Tavi said...

That skirt is awesome! I really love the color combination.