Wednesday, May 14, 2008

so, i'm a liar?

no i'm not. a mood swinger i am, but not a liar.ahh..and now i'm lying.
okay, well, i am a good my self.

i lied to my self.
and are sweet.
but you made me want to puke.
and i hate it,i hate it when you're exaggerating.


Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

love this look, that top is so exciting, i love it ^_^

Ediot said...

i just adore these pics- they're such great portraits!

helvetica said...

thanks girls :)
and i'm sorry for the gloomy text, i just find it hard to post it on my personal blog will be too much comments from my real life friends,
and here, no one know my personal life, and i feel free to spell it out. hope no one get offended, its only about my personal life, though :)) none about you all my lovely blogger!

Miss Woo said...

Don't worry about it,its your blog and you can post what you want and I do hope you feel better now:) You look fantastic in the red cardi too!

Anonymous said...

your zebra´s top is soo cool!!!
so in!

lovely pictures :D