Friday, May 9, 2008

my friday night and overtime

this is my outfit today. its so frustrating to stay at office at Friday night. i change my dress to pants, to avoid cold/flu, as i'm not wearing any tights/sweater. the only clothes i got in my car, is my khakis pants. everything was just fine until, i got back from dinner outside the office. my 3d software/program has encounter a serious error after a while of rendering time, and modelling process.
then my boyfriend called from a bar, with loud and very exciting background of fun and happy chattering friends.hah.
so, instead of being sad and frustated, me and my coleague is making some crazy gesture for stretching our stiffed muscle, for sitting straight 18 hours exclude lunch and go to bathroom.

at the moment i wrote this, i am packing my stuff, calling my boyfriend, and will going to catch him at the bar to have a very nice and cold beer .*sigh* i need it a lot!
and, sure i need to re-change my pants into the black dress again :)

ciao bella!


She's Dressing Up said...

18 hours! Wow you must work very hard indeed =]

Echo said...

You are so cute! i love reading the blog and your pictures are so inspiring.

Miss Woo said...

You look utterly adorable all the time! and hope you have a good rest after the long hours of work!

Fashion Tidbits said...

cute slippers. hope you're feeling better

Unrealized Fish said...

Cute dress :-)uyzo