Monday, May 26, 2008

last sunday night

so i fallen sick last weekend.friday night after work, i catch up my bf to bandung, to attending his aunt interment.but i end up had a stomach ache, head ache, a terrible mood,etc.

i guess i'm homesick right now :(
i am terribly fed up with my job, i want a new job, overseas..but i'm not really sure either, its about the money or the challenges or the dream or its just me, wanting to travel the world?i dont know.*sigh*

and my schedule is fall to pieces. i miss blogging,reading & commenting on others blog,i need to post "whats in my jewelry box" etc etc but my mood is swinging like a cradle.

ha, please don't mind me whining all day.
so, no weekend report.
at sunday night, me & bf went to a friend's house. they move in together in a small,nice and really neat house. they'll get married at august.


Unrealized Fish said...

Cute outfit :)

the_kitten said...

I am sorry to hear. Got sick today too. I feel terrible. But I hope we will both be doing fine real soon. And I am sure we will.

helvetica said...

yeah "get well soon to both of us:)"

Alex said...

Its good for your health to get busy in some kind of job or work.May God bless you, and you lead a healthy life.

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