Sunday, May 4, 2008

horray, its weekend!!

friday i'm in love
2nd may 2008

(items in this photo: dress-st.michael,mark&spencer/shoes:chocolate/bag:from thailand/belt:thriftshop/knitvest)
its suppose to be "batik's day" at my office. and again, i didnt wear them. my office have this dress code thing for friday, to wear batik, since about a month ago. one of the mission is to perpetuate the culture of our nation..haha.okay. batik is sooo everywhere here.ha! why this so called fashion trend is coming right after we set this friday dress code? but the good thing is, everyone can easily buy them in the nearest department store.even though they're not in a good quality(of batiks- batiks's quality is count by its fabric-silk,cotton- and by its color, or pattern- each pattern have their own signature of where they come from,history,etc etc etc,complicated)
the good quality one is so expensive, its like buying a valuable historical item, ..ah enough saying, just google batik or just clik on the link i set at the beginning of this paragraph.

at friday night, i went to my bf 's colleague wedding party. i know her actually, she's my senior at college. the party decoration is so amazing, Victorian style mixed with the local culture this is what i wore :

(items in this photo: black chiffon dress: chic simple/shoes:nine west/bag:mom's hand me down/ necklace:chomel/watch:boss)
after the party, we went to vin+ for wine, unfortunately the place is full house,and we scroll down to karaoke house, with 22 people.ha! so chaotic that night. before my lovely dress torn and damage, i change my outfit into this:

(items in this photo: knit cardigan:mossman/white dress:biasa/sandals:charles &keith/davinci print bag:mom's hand me down/ necklace:chomel/watch:boss)

saturday night fever
3rd may 2008

(items in this photo: red dress with white dots:tailored /wooden clog:from japan/ bag:vintage dior-mom's hand me down/ necklace:bfrom bali)
at saturday night, i went to the movie with my bf. we watch iron man.not bad.
and walking around and take some pictures. now he's changed! he agreed and not so whining when i asked him to take some photo of me. thank you baby!

sunday, happy (not yet)monday
4th may 2008
another wedding party. this time is my classmate from college. i went with my former housemate, monica.
while waiting her to pick me up, i'm still confused what to wear to the wedding party.
my 1st alternative is to wear this gold silk bustier with another black dress as skirt. like this:

then i changed my mind, because suddenly pop up in my mind, aha! i have this, similar bronze silk trouser to match with the bustier. and some DIY with my kebaya's lace muffler. i fold it into 4, then pin it in the middle, and wear this:

after the wedding party, monic and i went to lunch,and did a little photo session.haha, i take advantage of her styling skill as she is a stylist of indonesian local teen magazine,gadis

happy weekend! need to sleep now.see you all tomorrow!


Fruchtzwerg said...

lovely outfits there!
Especially your white and orange dress <3!!!

helvetica said...

thank you:) actually its red dress with white dots, the picture is missing the details, and the lights effects ruin its color.

Fruchtzwerg said...

wow, it totally looked orange to me (4th outfit) but even in red with white dots it would look lovely on you :)

helvetica said...

yeah i cant do nothing about it to..hehe..well again, thank you dear

Eleh said...

wow. i seriously dig the outfit you have on for the wedding. best wedding outfit ever!

helvetica said...

eleh: thank you, its a last minutes idea you know, glad you like it,i love it too hahahah..yeah Singaporean is familiar with kebaya too,right? and honey, what are you doing at 3am? i need to go sleep now :)

lc said...

soooooo many outfits! what a treat! i really love your peach pants, i wish i had a pair. you always look like you have so much fun in your pictures.

Hailey @ said...

I absolutely adore the 2nd to last outfit on you - wow! Very chic and creative.

Lloyda said...

ooooh. i love every single outfit posted. very nice. and that last wedding outfit is superb!

helvetica said...

its tailor made.the fabric is thailand silk. yeah, you should made one:)

hailey & lloyda:
thanks, girls!

One Sweet Day said...

You are so adorable and cute!
Your style is one of a kind!

AlicePleasance said...

How many great outfits here! Can't choose my favorite, but I like a lot the silk pants/bustier combo

Nadine said...

Such awesome looks - as always - I can't say which I like most!

Miss Woo said...

Love love love ALL the outfits, but especially dig the white dress. how to do you manage to look so stylish all the time? ;)

helvetica said...

thanks, and i hope too much picture wont irritate you all /:)

miss woo:
thanks, and yeah i love the white dress too, but, its too transparent i cant wear it at daytime :(

She's Dressing Up said...

Great outfits! I love your hair in the wedding party outfit photos!

Kasix said...

Hi! I absolutely LOVE YOUR PICTURES :) You dress style is great ! And I love this red dress!!!AWESOME OUTFITS :) keep that good work ;-)

helvetica said...


Sharon Rose said...

I love all your outfits-you have a great sense of style and are very pretty too!!

The Clothes Horse said...

Great outfits, I really like them all! I hope you don't mind I've put a picture from your blog on mine, there's a link to you. I'll remove it if you mind.

helvetica said...

the clothes horse:
thanks, and sure sure, no problemo :)

runway today said...

love the wedding outfit so gorgeous and unique!

SpiegelEule said...

wow i just discovered your blog. you have an amazing and allround style. like it

Ediot said...

im speachless. you are so so stylish and cute!