Saturday, May 31, 2008

are you gonna drop the bomb or not?

yesterday, more than 5 girls in my office are wearing white shirt pairing with jeans(either with skirt or pants) accidentally! its a fun coincidence! and they goes with matching color on the accessories, like the same color of bag & shoes(like me) , or the same color of hat&shoes,or belt&shoes,and so on.simple outfit today, as i have to go supervising a project with my team leader.but then i cant make it, because my big boss is asking me to accompany Sofia, an internship student from england.

oh and I'm sorry for being impolite, let me introduce her, so, this is SOFIA, she's Italian, studying at new castle, england. and, she's an internship student. i would be her chaperon while she's here :)

and, this is what i wore the morning I'm still wearing that black cardigan, before lunch, the weather is not so friendly, its getting really really, like REALLY hot, so i decided to take off the cardi and wearing a belt, and then , after lunch the belt is start to killing me, so i take it off, so i can breath freely..hahah.
today i met this friend of mine, who just got back from traveling around the world(literally), he is diana's friend too. speaking about diana, i just visit her blog, and suddenly felt so gloomy listen to a song on her blog, its forever young by youth group, and i don't know why it remind me of a lot of thing that makes me feel really sad :(

"and i still cant manage my self from these fireworks around me"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

freezing at summer

believe me, its summer all year long here, sometimes rainy, but today is soo damn hot outside, but in reverse, inside the office, the air conditioner is straight to my spot, and it feels like winter!
i cant wait for friday, there is small welcome party for two internship student.sofie from italy, and richard from u.k. yaayy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

flamingo de salsa

this is what happen when a blogger longing for taking self portraits..

stay with me

Monday, May 26, 2008

last sunday night

so i fallen sick last weekend.friday night after work, i catch up my bf to bandung, to attending his aunt interment.but i end up had a stomach ache, head ache, a terrible mood,etc.

i guess i'm homesick right now :(
i am terribly fed up with my job, i want a new job, overseas..but i'm not really sure either, its about the money or the challenges or the dream or its just me, wanting to travel the world?i dont know.*sigh*

and my schedule is fall to pieces. i miss blogging,reading & commenting on others blog,i need to post "whats in my jewelry box" etc etc but my mood is swinging like a cradle.

ha, please don't mind me whining all day.
so, no weekend report.
at sunday night, me & bf went to a friend's house. they move in together in a small,nice and really neat house. they'll get married at august.

Monday, May 19, 2008

my bestfriend's wedding

this is what i wore last saturday morning, had lunch with my bf, go to the jewellery shop, buying a wedding gift for my bestfriend since junior high and my other girls chip in together to buy her a platinum ring with our "gang" name on it:)

after that i went to saloon, get my hair-temporarily-curly, scroll down to my friend's apartment, get dress, and get together to the wedding party

this is what i wore:

the dress is made by my friend, matthew, he's a fashion designer, with his own label, fashion syndicate.its been a busy and hectic week, i dont have any time to go to tailor, so i correspondent with matthew, and he agreed to made me a beautiful dress with his design (by my brief) within less than 10 days(!!) so he send me his design, by email, i revised it here and there, dealing with the price, and at the same day, i send him the fabric (fortunately, there is a travel service nearby my office) and i get the fabric return to me as a dress for only 5 days later!thank you, matthew!!

and here are the newlywed, my bestfriend since junior high school, mona, with her husband, oique, and my best girls 'click' since high school :)

congratulation dearest mona & oique , may you live happily ever after, for better or worst, till death do you apart.amen.

the wedding party is like, a huge reunion. i met so many of my junior high school friend, high school, ex-boy friend, hahah, my ex-crush- etc happy! most of them are married! hah,
the next day (sunday) i still gather up with my girls.the picture at left is what i actually wore, the picture at right is me wearing my friend's boots. :)

its so sad because i cant spend the time with them anymore at monday, because i have to work (and they all take a day off-work for the wedding and stuff occasion),

and i feel so grotesque emotionally by the holiday schedulle.i have to set my mind back to work at monday and resetting it at monday afternoon to holiday again, because here, we have a public holiday for vesak's day at tuesday!

i dont have an outfit picture at monday, but i have this tuesday-sleep all and had dinner with my bf outfit:

we went to all-you can eat-japanesse teppanyaki/shabu-shabu house- pa re gu.

and this is what i wore today. i'm feeling not well today.and sad. (the sad part maybe caused by "ps. i love you" movie, which i recently watch,last night actually, so if you're not in a good mood or maybe at a mental break down phase, PLEASE DO NOT watch the movie, its so sad you could die..:(( ok, thats all folks. i should have updating my blog earlier, but i cant because i am very busy as a bee these couple of days.. and now i am so exhausted mentally and phisically :( i hope everything will be allright and back to normal again, soon soon soon!!

and i just read a wonderful news about Lloyda from Fashionista Fortune Cookies, Congratulation, girlll!!!! so happy for you! :))