Wednesday, April 16, 2008

welcome home,mom! and my camera :p

dotty shirt: gap kids
suspender: next kids
skirt: no label
knit bag: hand me down-mom's
shoes: melawai
glasses: mcm-my mom's

too sleepy.too much to tell.i better off to sleep.
oh and i'm off to work today.
"family matters"
aka "i miss my mom, so i need to spend some time with her before she fly back to my hometown"
and, luckily, my team leader allowed me to take a day off :))


She's Dressing Up said...

Love the suspenders here!

Luxe. said...

awww you are just too cute!

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

This outfit is the shizz, it looks super cool. ;)

Emily said...

I think you've officially convinced me how cute suspenders can be!

Lloyda said...

this! and you my dear are simply too cute for words!

Mine said...

Cutie, when I first saw it I thought of British Style ;)

Unrealized Fish said...

I love your skirt!

deep_in_vogue said...

the suspenders are a real nice touch!