Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ught,i'm confused with these cross-post thing

there is a major issue here in indonesia about internet access new regulation a couple weeks ago. in it, a government representative had issued their own manifesto. the government –instead of being stupid– just want to show-off their monstrous capability, by blocking several major and crucial website like, youtube,multiply,blogger,etc.
SUCKS.although, we discover so many ways to log-in or browsing those websites.but, with free website proxy, still, i CANT firgure it out, how to manage or posting photos with url/javascript-ing.

anyway,these are my outfit at monday and wednesday.
i change my shoes and bags, right away at the car, bacause suddenly i felt too much wearing those leopard scarf for work, i guess i'll wear it next time for casual outfit at weekend..

are you sure? haha..but, im' not sure my self, anyway thank you dear..its so nice of you..
but i have to think about it first, its quite expensive for overseas shipment..
or, you wanna send me an I <3>


Kool Thing said...

I just don't understand how they can do that! Cute outfit as usual, pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

Cute as always - About the first outfit I like the second version better, whereas about the second I like its first version more :D

Hailey @ said...

adorable outfits and flowers, especially like those blue flats!

Anonymous said...

The leopard print scarf is gorgeous! you look very classy!
i like that even when you are petite you wear knee-lengh skirt!
You rock them! :D

Anonymous said...

As the first dress shoes: you're figure is amazing!

Jones said...

i like the hat with the scarf undone. i can see an old lady wearing it, but on you, it looks so cute, i can't explain it! maybe because you look like you are pocket-sized?

oh, i just thought you really wanted that t-shirt. so it's up to you how much you want it!

helvetica said...

kool thing:
thank you, for the comment and for reading my blog:))

really?the leopard scarf?
and for the second outfit, the first version is the full outfit indeed, the second version of the second outfit is only to show my necklace.ha!complicated ;)

thank you, just spontaneously grab the flower from the working desk.haha. i think its a quite nice ornament :D

thank you, a friend of mine said that i'm small but proportional.haha!

yeah, thats why i post them too..hahaha.thank you nadine!

stop signing in with jones account!haha reading his name at my comment box, made me think my self had a secret affair with ur bf.and in reverse, my bf will wondering who is jones?hahah
yeah me so portable you know!
about the Ts, will u find out for me, how much it cost for the shipping?
and thank you LC :))

lc said...

sorry!!!! haha i didn't realize it was under jones's name until i just checked back for comments.

okay, i will look into shipping, and also into how much a tshirt costs. i've never bought one before!

Miss Woo said...

blocking you tube too? That's awful. On the plus side, your outfit is cute cute cute!

helvetica said...

miss woo: thank God its over now, we can access all the Internet websites now..

Andy said...

You really look gorgeous. my favorite outfit is the second one.

Anonymous said...

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