Tuesday, April 1, 2008

stay with me

i'm sorry about the gap between post.
last saturday, me & my bf had our 4th anniversary. sadly we never plan, a well prepared "date" to celebrate it. i woke up really late that day, and having him in my bed side, all set and tide.and smell good :) so i jump out of my bed, grab my towel,take a shower, and dress up, a little different,

" you're so designer look, today " he said.
lol.ethnic chic, i guess.

and he gave me these "online gift card", posted on his blog.

our friends keep on commenting,and greet us "congratulation"
thanks guys:)

then, we decide to have after_lunch_and_too_early_dinner at 4pm at:

CHUNGGIWA, a korean restaurant, at downtown of jakarta.
OMG! i love love and LOVE korean food!!
we ate jabchae, bulgogi, and all the amazing and tastefull vegetable with garlic and great sauce and ketchup.


my favorite: beef sashimi on bibeembab (i forgot what what its called)

yes, i know, its a fashion blog, not a culinary club blogspot.
blame LC to lead me where i am right now..haha.
honestly, i dont want the people from my personal life to appear in this blog.but, i made an exception for this lovely occasion. let me introduce my dearest loved one, the bf:

"thank you for the lovely 4 years, dear..love you!"

i spend the rest of the night at his place, the next day, at sunday afternoon, we picked up my mom at the airport. and had udon and sushi for dinner.

and sleep over at my auntie's house, because my mom said that my rented room is not quite comfortable for her.haha.
i've been moving and sleeping over one place to another these days, and didnt get the chance to well packed my stuff. fortunately, i have 2 cupboard of clothes at the back side of my car :) so i can wear them, for this emergency fashion calls.

i only can play around with scarf and these Charles and keith sandals.


Lloyda said...

congratulations to you and your bf!

ooooooh... yummy! korean bbq! i love korean bbq!

AsianCajuns said...

Congrats to you and your bf!
Everyone single outfit is gorgeous!

Jello on Springs said...

congrats, the online gift card is so cute

Anonymous said...

I love the pants you wear in the first pictures! They're so special.

Fashion-DiscipleXXX said...

congrats, he he , you look so cute!

Amelia said...

congratulations babe! you look gorgeous in your anniversary outfit!

Ross&Jenny said...

Congratulations. that outfit is so cute.

Anonymous said...


and this is the answer for your question at my blog (i think that if i wrote it under my note you wouldnt read it ) :

yes, it is the same graphic (;

ah and thanks ;D

Unrealized Fish said...

I like your blog, and your style is beautiful!

Ediot said...

i really like this look. so casual and nice! and that more secretary look is perfect. you look great!

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