Sunday, April 27, 2008

RADIO DEPT. is coming to town


bigglassesgirl said...

Your sneakers are amazing! So amazing! Mad envy!

Angie hearts said...

the photo of you guys looking up is great.

lc said...

yes, i am jealous of your shoes, too! you have the best shoe collection! so much shiny.

Unrealized Fish said...

Cool pics! I just love your style, really :)

dreamecho said...

silver sneaker jealousy!

hey girl, did you want to exchange links or what? you asked me a while back, and i already added you!! :)

Miss Woo said...

Okay I'm echoing the above comments now but silver shoes! Do love the silver shoes!

Ediot said...

great pictures! looks like so much fun!

helvetica said...

thank you! you'll be more envy if you know, that i got that shoes on 70% SALE! crazy.

angie heart:
thanks dear:)

hey shiny girl, i know you'll love it too :D shoes is my middle name, i guess haha even though i dont have a quite quality boots(yet),i never planned buying much shoes, but always ended up purchase at least one per month!ha.

unrealized fish:
thank youu:)

dreamecho&miss woo:
actually it's gold, but i have the silver one too.its on 70% discount! not forsaken!

and dreamecho:
i've linked you!!:)

thanks,it is really fun fun fun:))