Sunday, April 13, 2008

i am flamingo

shawl: mark&spencer
flamingo shirt: religion
corduroy pants: esprit
sandals: m)phosis
bags: she347
gold watch: casio

i have nothing to do at sunday. its sad that my bf left me here rotten at sunday. he's out of town this morning to attend an art workshop, and to rewind his youth art school golden moments.sigh.
last night i fall asleep at 10pm! i guess its because the bf is sleep over at my place, and i feel this very comfortable, homey feeling and it makes fall asleep peacefully.but now i feel bad about it. i should have spend the night with him, having pillow talk till dawn, and i can sleep all day while he's out.

i guess now, i will post some of random moments from my folder.or write about 8 random things, despite no one tagged me,yet :( such a whimper i am today.


Jones said...

i like your hair like this! it's cute and refreshing? haha.

Jones said...

oh oops this is lc from fops and dandies. my boyfriend is signed in on google, so sorry if youre surprised!