Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the same issue: sleepless

cardigan: mango
the kitten shirt:mm
shoes: melissa
bag:K/O original art k/cross

turqouise touch

ha. too much activities at weekend made me sleepy all day:(
extremely need a new hair cut for refreshment !!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

checker fever

this is another cross- posting from multiply again.sucks.they still blocking some websites at certain time.again, SUCKS! i'll update some line,maybe,tomorrow morning, and replying all of your comments and check out my daily reads :)
really need a good sleep tonight.
and,um, tomorrow night radio dept will be performing at eldorado, bandung! yaaaayyy..cant hardly wait!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

geeky biker

item in this photo:
shoes:pointed black converse

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

simple purple

the weather is great today. i took a lot of pictures, and-like always-i cant decide which one or two best to post,

so i decided to make a photo session to go with it..

around the office area.

and these are some play_dress_up_before_office pictures,hahaha
actually, its me, labile, what to wear today.lol

(click to enlarge)

batik & paul frank

batik & paul frank

Monday, April 21, 2008

lovely weekend :)

my mom brought this henna paste and the henna pattern/form sticker guide
from mecca, during her visit for umrah.
i wake up very early last saturday, clean up my room, get shower, and waiting my boyfriend..so, while i'm waiting for him to show up, i decide to decorating my anklet with these henna.its quite bustle me up, there are some rules to apply the henna onto your skin.
1.before decorating, wash the part of your body with soap
2.after completion of decoration,wait till it dries
3.then remove the dry henna paste with tissue paper/towel
4.then apply any skin cream/oil on the decorated section, and leave it for 30 minutes
5.then wash it with plain water

apply oil on the decorated

my bf showed up at 11, we had lunch, then watch dvds. at 4, we decide to go out for dinner.and we had this big argue, that he doesnt like how this white dress look so short on me, and how the back side will lifting up when i bent down.

ok, ok, so i give in.
we went to pondok indah mall 2, and accidentally meet my former house mate at college with her bf.let me introduce her, monica:

item on these pictures: leopard print jacket-roxy,"paradise" shirt: religion,gold jazz shoes:coco,mustard bag: aigner-mom'shand me down, shorts: i cut it by my self

then we had japanesse food for dinner

and horray, the bf is staying for the night!

sunday 20 april 2008
we went to this product campaign of mizone at senayan, and caught up my picture at its directory
hahaha..i cant wait for the billboard type..wohoooo..

and again, japanesse food for lunch at sushi tei-senayan city.yumm

posing in front of ted baker store, it was really a cute decoration!

and changing my shoes, because those Goldie jazz shoes is biting my anklet :(

thank you dear, for the wonderful weekend! love you!
i'm sorry for all the incorrect grammar :D
end of story of today :)