Thursday, March 13, 2008

what i wore to work

i am so in black boss requested to wear black at wednesday.
look how bigglasses change the whole image. and the hair done it too.
its raining all day long, so i bring my rain boots, its really useful, when i have to go to the bathroom across my building( interior building dont have toilets, we have to walk few steps to the front building, where the toilets are)..and i dont want the rain hurts my purple suede flats xp

very tired today. i need to go to bed now..


Anonymous said...

Oh what a great look, I love the blouse!

Stephanie said...

Love the outfit, especially those glasses! You pull off slouchy/long things really well.

helvetica said...

thanks nadine, its a simple black blouse, i'm just adding a zebra print scarf

thanks office dont allowed mini dresses even with tights/stockings:( so i have to wear semi long skirt or something